Thinking About Investing
Thinking About Investing

What if you could go to your mailbox once a month and pick up checks that you can just cash and live off of? Like Mailbox Money.

There are, of course, a number of ways to accomplish this, with varying results. You could buy dividend-producing stocks. But it takes a lot of cash sitting in the market to produce much income at 4 or 5%. And then there’s the fact that you could lose the asset value when the market goes down. Hard money loans can yield high returns but these are usually short term and carry significant risk. For most of us, Social Security will either not exist or will allow only a very modest lifestyle. Plus, we will likely have to be fairly advanced in age to start drawing it. Who wants to wait that long to start enjoying the freedom of their retirement years? Most of us want to be young and well enough to enjoy it.

The other option is to build a portfolio of investment properties, pay them off as quickly as possible, then live off of the income they produce. This way you can live where you want, how you want, whenever you’re ready. As rents rise over time you will be able to hire a property manager in the event your dream retirement includes living in a villa in Tuscany, a chalet in the Alps, or on a houseboat in Amsterdam – all the time or for part of the year. I’m going for the Alps, houseboat and villa, myself.

Her perspective of the market, her insight into how to sell the home, is what really set her apart."

Mailbox Money

I’ve developed a system called Mailbox Money, which gives you the tools and resources to do this. An important part of this process is finding the properties, making winning offers on them, preparing them for rent, finding great tenants, and then managing the properties for success.

Millennials are living at home and renting for longer than ever before. Retirees are selling their homes, downsizing, and renting so they can live off their home equity. Uban workers whose jobs keep them on the move need to rent and it is often cheaper than buying in urban areas. Some people are just tired of home ownership or still suffering from the sting to their credit and bank accounts from decisions made before the mortgage crisis. All-in-all, the demand outstrips the supply of rental housing and the outlook is for more of the same.

Many people ask if it is too late, have the prices gone too high to invest in rental properties? In some areas, yes, this is true – or the cost of entry and risk are just too high. That’s why you need experienced, professional help in finding the best investment properties. The best properties may not be in your immediate neighborhood but they can be found close enough to be able to easily manage them. If you buy the right properties and have the right resources on tap, you will only see your rental properties once every six months or so.

The sooner you start, the sooner you will be collecting your Mailbox Money. Contact me to find out how. As my client I will share my knowledge, resources, and best practices.

Mailbox Money

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