Thinking About Buying?
Thinking About Buying?

Thinking about buying a new home or investment property? Whether it’s your first home or another in a long series of homes, buying a home can be a daunting process. That’s why you need a seasoned Real Estate professional on your side.

Many people believe that searching for and finding you a home is the primary job of a Buyer Agent. And with all of the online resources available today, why not just search yourself then find a discount broker to write up your offer, getting a rebate of a few thousand dollars at closing?

The truth is, searching for the home is the smallest and lowest value part of the process—which is why it is easily automated. Companies like Redfin (and some discount brokers) have gained traction by offering the impression that “search and offer” is a viable approach to making the single largest investment in your life. And even if it isn’t the largest investment, it IS the place where you will live and build memories for years to come. This isn’t the place to start cutting corners.


For a given client, I probably spend 5% of my time searching for properties and the other 95% doing everything else. In any case it does start with getting to know you, looking daily at listings, researching areas, talking to colleagues, and sending you links to properties that fit your criteria. This can take hours, days, weeks or months. I agree that you can do some of that yourself, and I welcome your participation in this process.

After helping you find some prospective properties, what exactly is “everything else”?

Everything Else

  • Checking out all the details on a home you’re interested in including utilities, HOA dues, neighborhood features, commute times to your work, school, interests, agent notes, disclosures, and more. That’s just for starters.
  • Organizing an efficient home tour for you and scheduling appointments with owners.
  • Driving to meet you and spending as much time as you need to view the properties.
  • Following up with listing agents after showings.
  • Rinse and repeat the steps above until we find your dream property.
  • Providing referrals and help with lending programs and options.
  • Investigating additional details on properties you’re interested in including calling the listing agent, looking at disclosures, checking out ownership and title issues.
  • Running comparable property reports for a home that you’re interested in and making an offer on to determine the best offer price.
  • Talking with the listing agent numerous times to get the status of offers, find out what the seller hot buttons are, and more.
  • Preparing the offer which is normally 20+ pages and explaining all the terms and details to you so you are fully informed. Then organizing your signing either in person or using online signing tools.
  • Preparing a cover letter to help sell your offer to the seller then presenting the offer in person or over the phone.
  • Negotiating terms on your behalf with the listing agent and getting YOUR offer accepted.

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With Lisa you will not have to make dozens of offers before getting your dream home under contract. She has the tools and techniques to get your offer accepted without forcing you to over-pay."
  • Opening title and escrow files and preparing a detailed transaction worksheet that outlines critical deadlines and contacts.
  • Reviewing title reports and HOA resale certificates with you and helping you understand important terms and details.
  • Organizing home inspections (building, sewer, rood, septic), attending the inspection, reviewing results with you and formulating a response that will get you the most from the seller without killing the deal.
  • Checking in with all parties on a regular basis during the closing process.
  • Ensuring that the inspection items have been complete prior to closing and organizing a pre-closing walkthrough.
  • Helping you to understand last minute lender requirements, reviewing final closing statements and helping to coordinate signings.
  • Giving you the keys to your new home!

We will spend a lot of time together throughout this process so it is important that we trust and like each other. As I hand you the keys to your new home, it is with mixed emotions. I feel the satisfaction of a job well done but at the same time know that I am going to miss our daily interaction with clients who have now become friends.

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